Hi Scotty, I hope you can help me as I can't find the answer anywhere..I've got a 2013 supercharged Honda cr-z with 72k miles (yes it's a supercharged hybrid with manual transmission). Well, sometimes the car hesitates to shift. Goes into gear fine but sometimes (maybe 5-7% of shifts) hesitates to come out of gear. I avoid yanking on the shifter to get it out so I will either wait the couple of seconds it takes for the shifter to move or try releasing the clutch pedal and pushing it back in and by that time it releases. It's not the manual trans fluid as I've changed that 2x. An ex friend (theres a story here that takes too long but the short end of it is that I am afraid he may have potentially abused/been forceful with the shifter cables/bushings) changed the clutch awhile back (aftermarket/upgraded clutch), and it seems that since then (can't recall if I noticed the beginnings of this symptom before the clutch install or not) this problem seems to be very slowly getting worse. I have inspected the shifter lever on top of the trans to make sure nothing is impeding it, gave the shifter cable bushings a quick look over (metal aftermarket bushings; ex friend made a note that they seem a bit looser than they should be but I feel like they have been that way since i got them; Considering putting oem back to troubleshoot; perhaps a warranty replacement is in order but hopefully not) and everything appears okay. Did a clutch pedal adjustment to give the pedal a longer stroke since its an upgraded clutch. I thought this did the trick but then I caught a single instance of shifter hesitation again and that was the last time i drove the car/noticed it. Sometimes it seems to be more so when the car is cold but not necessarily. There is a heat shield that never got returned to its rightful place at some point that goes somewhere above what would be the equivalent of this cars exhaust mani. I hope this is not related but read that it could be...Last thing I was thinking maybe is there possibly a shifter cable adjustment that could be done that might help me here? Is it at all possible this could be some sort of electrical issue? Well scotty I know its hard to diagnose the car from afar but hopefully my long explanation has the useful details you need to work your magic. Hopefully you can give me some ideas or point me in the right direction. Thanks!

I assume set up that way, you beat the heck out of it jack rabitting and down shifting for more power. If so, transmission is just flat wearing out inside. Those tiny trannies were not made for supercharged power really.

Hmm..I mean I do drive spiritedly at times but not always. I don't consider myself as the type that Abused the car. Never dragged it (Not my thing), actually not even a single aggressive launch. Road course and canyons yes, but purely abusive no. If anything I baby it. I am one of few owners that can say I've hit the 50 mpg mark (for the entire tank), and even whilst supercharged hit high 40s (which it was a CARB legal setup and if installed by the Honda dealer, allowed for 30k warranty from the time of install). Only things not original internal would be the aftermarket clutch (which the shop used the oem one to assist in creating the aftermarket one, and they noted that I had barely worn it out/ good behavior; only reason I changed clutch because I was getting a noise from the T.O. bearing and since I do baby the car I didn't want to sit on it and went ahead and changed everything out) and then a LSD. I am going to ask around if anyone else has experienced this issue but man that's disheartening if it's internal :/ So what do you think? Syncros? Is there anything externally I could try? Perhaps some grease/lube somewhere? Is it possible maybe the shifter cables are stressed?