Hi Scotty, I hope you are well. I have a 2010 hyundai i20 which just seems to lose all form of electrical power upon switching off the vehicle. It seems to be doing so at random. Sometimes the car will start immediately upon turning the ignition. Whenever I do face this issue( which is becoming more and more frequent) I notice that the heat and petrol gauges remain stuck at their original position. My dad and I have tried rubbing the battery terminals with sand paper, double checking the earth straps, and testing each fuse in the fuse box. We have even replaced the battery! I got stuck with the vehicle in a rather dangerous area last night and tried my best to get the vehicle started. I toggled the light switches and everything electrical in the car came back on including the dash lights which never came on even when we tried jumping the vehicle. I would appreciate any sort of assistance as the vehicle is just parked off now and refuses to start regardless of trying all the "work arounds" that had usually seemed successful in the past. I'm a student who really relies on my vehicle to get to and from campus. I will be forever grateful for any sort of assistance and advice I can get from anyone. My e-mail address is reeganrugbeer0@gmail.com , just in case you cannot respond right away. Have a blessed day scotty.