Hi, Scotty, I have Passo 2012 model and 99.4k driven. Its pick has decreased like it struggles from going 60-100 kmph and it didn't go above 100 kmph with 4 people on board and AC on using the full hard foot on the accelerator. The car seemed to be struggling a lot due to engine noise. It has been 3 months since I have driven it on a long route and above 80kmph but prior to this, it was very easy to go up to 160kmph. Within city, I stick with 0-70kmph depending upon the rush. Based on my discussion with multiple people it seems like to be Catalytic System (a.k.a Cat) issue and that needs to be cleaned. Based on the conversations with people or their experience I have gathered following. Please suggest any test or methods for the cat issue confirmation/fixing other than these. Thanks

Issue Confirmation
1- Get CO2 scan done to confirm its cat issue
2- Get the cat opened for visual inspection

Solutions for Cat
1- Get it cleaned using Liquid Moly Catalytic System cleaner (Might help if its partially choked)
2- Get it cleaned using petrol or alcohol
3- Mix 4 litres of automotive paint thinner into the fuel tank while it's 3/4 full and run the car hard for around 100km.

Whats the best solution to get the cat fix because its effecting the car speed? Is there anything else causing this issue for my car?

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Thanks for the link. I will get it tested and see how it goes. Does cleaning it always the best option? Liquids like Liquid Moly Catalytic Cleaner wont work if its partially blocked?



cats can be pressure tested like this, and if so, try cleaning it with lacquer thinner first https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJTmddbOxMk&t=111s