Hi Scotty, i have been watching your videos for a while and my question is around pricing for a service. I live in Melbourne Australia after moving from Sydney and the overall cost of Oil, an Oil Filter and a Air filter is around $60 Aus. The issue i am having is most mechanics down here i have found do not do a full basic service anymore, they do the oil change, oil filter change and try to tac on a so called safety point check and end up trying to charge $180+. Do not get me wrong i do not expect them to work for peanuts but that service charge does not even include the air filter change and i am having dificulty having them justify it to me. I have rang many mechanics and it seems to be common practice down here. Any tips of the trade i can use to keep them honest ( apart from doing my own basic service ) I had a good honest mechanic in sydney but that is over 900 kilometers away

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sounds like a load of shite to me. Heck, change it yourself, easy to do. Guess australia is getting like england, I just got back from there, and no one wants to work much, and when they do, they charge WAAY too much.