Hi Scotty,

I have an engine issue that I was hoping you could help me with. Ive been watching you videos and they have helped me out a lot over the years. But now I have an issue that I have been trying to find a solution to in your videos but haven't had had any luck.

First off this isn't exactly car related but the engines are very common and maybe the solution is the same with any engine. Here are the issues:

I have (2) two 1990 Ford 351 Windsor motors in my 38' Bayliner. I had (what I thought was a good mechanic) doing a tune up; you know plugs, wires, cap, rotor, belts, new water pump, and new carburetors.... you know, the works. Port side engine working/sounding amazing, HOWEVER Starboard side I Now have 2 new problems that were NOT there when I dropped it off and now they cant seem to fix it!!! They both seem to be exclusive but maybe they are tied together.

1st Issue: I turn they key to position 1, the warning buzzer comes on like it normally does, then turn to crank the engine and nothing, no click, no attempt just dead. So they hooked up a switch and by passed the starter solenoid and it starts to turn over. OK so new starter it is, new starter now in, turn the key and nothing, same problem. This is where it may also gold into the second issue.

2nd Issue: This one is more disturbing and concerning. The mechanic said (And I have no proof of this) that when they jumped the original starter the engine fired and was idling just fine as they brought it up to temp. However now (while I was there) The did the same switch on the new starter and now all she does is crank, and will not fire, and ultimately carburetor floods. They checked for spark and I visibly saw the spark, but just to be thorough they replaced the ignition coil, ignition solenoid, and still the engine wont fire. I have no idea what to do now. These guy seem to have created a problem that cant be solved.

Anyway if you have any ideas I could really use the help.

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@ScottyKilmer Hi Scotty, it worked!!! The Fuel Pump was intermittently working, it would provided fuel sometimes and other times it wouldn't even come on. New Fuel pump on the starboard tank and wham! Shes alive! We were able to take her out on the 4th of July weekend! Thanks A Million!!!!

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


sounds like clowns are working on your boat. But as for not starting, do this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=064Ilsz8Fzg