Hi Scotty. I have a question. Have u heard of cv axle being stretched casusing vibrarion only until after 20mph then goes away I recently lowered my car couple inches does that caused the whole assembly to go up causing the axle to stretch is this true. I am in a acura forum and couple people have had this problem saying they go threw axles like every 5-7 thousand miles. Would it be good to have my axle welded another 1/2 inch or 1 inch to compensate the stretching. It is only the left side front that does this. Have u heard of this 2000 acura rl 3.5. Thanks

the axles themselves don't stretch, but cv joint ends can wear and do that, Or motor mounts can go bad and cause shafts to run out of staight lines and cause vvibration. You should not try welding it longer, check for broken mounts first.