Hi Scotty! I have a problem that is freaking me out.
I have a 09 Rav4 2WD with the 2.5L engine.
About a year ago it started making a loud engine rattle whenever I start the car after letting it sit for more than 20 minutes or every morning. I found a video in YouTube that shows the same sound https://youtu.be/FzzboZDObbs
According to the uploader it was a problem with the Camshaft Timing Gear Assembly that needed replacing by Toyota under the TSB #004-13

I told my trusty mechanic about the rattle and he says the origin of the noise are the timing chain tensioners but that it's ok and nothing bad can happen to my SUV but that I should consider looking for the "repair kit" in a few months because of the mileage (187,500 Km) / (116,507 miles).

So what do you think is the real problem, the Camshaft Timing Gear Assembly or what my mechanic says?

I hope you can help me out because the noise makes me think I'm causing internal damage to the engine 😅.

Thanks Mr. Scotty!


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camshaft timing gears go out on those a lot but if it runs good enough for a long time, could just be tensioners. I'd try them first