Hi Scotty I have a problem and need your expertise.. I have a Hyundai Accent 2000.. I was driving and it cut out and would not start.. As I was pulling out of the driveway the car was struggling as if it's not getting enough power.

As I was going up an incline, I realized its still moving slowly so I shift it in to 2 and then L . as soon as I shift into L the pressure dropped even more. I tried to shift back into D but the car cuts out and I start losing power and brake, luckily I was already on top of it incline..

I tried restart but the engine keep turning over but won't kick in.. I used a spare sparks plug and jumper cable to test the ignition as seen in one of your video and it shows that its "sparking". I have 1/4 tank of fuel, battery also seems okay and the starter as recently fixed.. I've check all fuse and all seems to be okay..

I couldn't check the fuel pressure because I have no pressure gauge and I couldn't locate where the fuel line meet the rail, so I could crack the but as seen in one of your video..

Please help me because I don't have $$$ to just throw parts at it and Mechanics are very expensive to just troubleshoot.