Hi Scotty. I have a Hyundai Santa Fe 2009 3.3L model with fluctuating idle and stalling issues. From my troubleshooting, I have realized that the Throttle Body opening does not go beyond 35% at WOT. I am trying to confirm if it’s the PCM that isn’t sending sufficient voltage or it’s the throttle motor that is bad. The repair manual I am using is for the Santa Fe 2007 model and contains some component testing steps, like checking resistance values, etc of components. I decided to try that out with the TB first. Surprisingly though, I realized that the pin layout in the manual seemed to defer from the readings I was getting from the car. For e.g, instead of having +5v ref voltage on pin 1 and ground on pin 4, I have 5v on both pin 1 and 4. And instead of having TPS1 & 2 signals on pin 2 and 3, i have it on 7 & 8. I'm wondering, is it possible that the pin layout would be different between the 2007 and 2009 models? Or is there that possibility that the wiring harness has been messed up before I bought the car? What do you think?
Also, I noticed that the GND pins are not continous with battery GND. Is there a difference between sensor GND and battery GND?

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A short will prevent the throttle body from going beyond 35%?
Will the short be on the TB wiring harness or it could be elsewhere?
If so, how do I go about tracing it?



it could be different, but knowing hyundais, either you have a wiring short in the harness, VERY common on those, or the ECM has gone bad, which shorts can cause so check for shorts FIRST cause changing a computer out with wiring shorts will just ruin the new computer. Good luck