Hi Scotty,
I have a corolla with 69,000 miles on it.
Yesterday I had it into the dealership for a 6 month check. They told me that the Timing Cover is seaping and that within the next year or so I would need to fix that. He said ballpark figure is $2800! Right now it’s not really a problem...
the car is in excellent condition and I plan on keeping it. What should I do about that high price?
Thank you

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If it was me, I would go to a good independent mechanic that one of your friends recommends (or find one on Yelp) and get a second opinion. If the timing cover is actually seaping then it is something under the cover, not the cover itself that is the problem. It could be a seal on the oil pump, or the water pump, or some other seal hidden under there. I can't imagine fixing any one of these seals could cost more than $500 so I would definitely go someplace else. You can also check prices for specific repairs on things like yourmechanic.com.


Forgot to mention - it is a 2010 Corolla.