Hi Scotty, I have a 2012 Nissan Altima Coupe 3.5 SR with 51,500 miles and the ever hated CVT, ( wish it was manual transmission) which I purchased from the dealer as a used vehicle with 2100 miles(it was used as a inter-dealership runner car) in 2013, certified warranty until July 31, 2019. I have had no problems with the car to this point in its life.

When I took the car into the dealer for its last oil change, in October of 2018. they told me the oil inter-cooler was possibly leaking and were nice enough to let me go back and view the underside of the car. The tech said he "did not see a leak from the oil inter cooler, but these are a problem with the 3.5 SR. I took it to another mechanic, an independent shop up the block from me, and told them what the tech told me and he stated, "have the oil changed here next time and we will look at the part at that time... is there oil underneath the car?" I replied "no, there was not since the car sat for three days in the garage after I had surgery." Am I being scammed or told the truth?

Should I be concerned? What maintenance do you recommend now at this point in the cars life since I have 3 more payments on it and now that this point was brought up about the car? I did my research on the inter-cooler and correct me if I am wrong, but I discovered the inter-cooler feeds and cools the transmission. Thanks, Jason