Hi Scotty, I have a 2012 KIA Soul with the 2.0 engine that is stalling after it has run for more…


Hi Scotty,

I have a 2012 KIA Soul with the 2.0 engine that is stalling after it has run for more than 15-20 minutes. Its my wife's car, and other than the stalling problem, its been an OK car. We took it a shop to fix that and a strange steering coupler problem. They fixed the steering problem, but not the stalling issue. They replaced a cam solenoid and said its fixed (they said that was the code). The bill was over $600. Cost me over $300 for that non fix. I was going to complain, but the owner of the shop is married to my wife's friend. So that's a dead end.

So I researched and found that KIA has a recall on the 1.6 version of the KIA Soul, but not the 2.0. It is showing the same symptoms that the 1.6 engine had that forced KIA to do a recall in Feb of this year. Sadly, the 2.0 doesn't have a recall. I have been trying to figure out if I should just swap it out at a lot, or try another mechanic. I happen to live in Katy, TX and I heard you live around the River Oaks area. Can you look at it? One of the big problems is, the car has to be driven until it starts stalling, which sometimes take half an hour. It only stalls when in stop and go traffic, or moving slow. No issues on the highway. I wanted to go and clean the mass airflow sensor, and according to my internet search, it doesn't have one. I read about how it could be poor grounding or fuel line issues, but I am not very sold on those. I am thinking its the same recall issue that the 1.6 engine has.

Above is a link to the 2012 1.6 engine recall. When the car does stall, it makes a strange noise like its grinding, or something is hitting a fan. You only hear it when the car does its stalling bit. I called KIA and I just don't have any faith in them doing the right thing. I think they will charge a bunch of money, and still not fix it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't have lots of cash to throw around because I am not working right now, and my wife's phlebotomy job doesn't pay all that well.

Thanks in advance,

Patrick Herring