Hi Scotty, I have a 2012 Honda Civic that keep giving me trouble. The thing my battery keep draining, every time I charge it the next day it go low again. I return my battery to the auto part because I thought the battery wasn’t good but the told the battery still have life but something keep draining it. I just got a new one from the auto part. One guy from the autopart told mE how to check my alternator by unplug the positive bone. When I did that the car was still running which mean my alternator is good. The starter seems good because when the battery is charge it start without any problem. Right now I’m not sure what can cause it, I need your help please.

Sounds like you have a high parasitic draw draining down the battery when the car is shut off, just be sure there isn't anything plugged into the power ports, and if it has an aftermarket radio or amp system, be sure it's not the cause either by pulling their fuses. Scotty does have a video on how to look for the issue if you're brave trying that on your newer Civic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B__DqK90IIc

Also, look up Eric The Car Guy's video about finding parasitic battery drains. His video actually helped me a little more than Scotty's did, but Scotty's video is still good.