Hi Scotty. I have a 2011 Toyota Venza 2.7 4 cylinder FWD car with 96k miles on it. I always follow…


Hi Scotty. I have a 2011 Toyota Venza 2.7 4 cylinder FWD car with 96k miles on it. I always follow the owners manual to maintain my vehicle and most of the miles I driven is from highway. Recently I noticed a problem with the car where if the car is idling (after engine fully warmed up) especially during hotter weather, the car will shake and I can feel it from the steering. However when I put the transmission from D to N or P, the car idle extremely smooth without any problems. In hotter summer times when I turn on the AC, the idling is even worst when I press the brake and waiting at the stop light. I do notice one thing is even if I leave it in drive mode, and put on the emergency brake, but let go the brake and the car will idle a bit smoother without a small RPM drop. But when I press the brakes in drive, the RPM will drop slightly and hence the engine will shake. So what can this be?

Here is what I done so far. Car has no check engine lights.

  1. Cleaned the throttle body every 30k miles.
  2. Cleaned the MAF sensor every 30k miles
  3. Wash and re-oil the K&N air filter every 20k miles
  4. Battery is replaced at 80k miles and I always put terminal conditioner on it so I don't have any corrosion.
  5. Car is oil changed with 5W20 semi-synethic oil for the first 85k miles, every 5k miles or 6 month which comes first. Then after 85k miles I use full synethic 5W20 oil.
  6. Transmission fluid full exchange at the dealership at 80k miles.
  7. I also had my friend replaced the coolant and brake fluid at 77k miles.
  8. Changed spark plugs with Denso iridium (toyota OEM) at 80k miles
  9. Changed the engine serpentine belt at 93k miles with toyota OEM belt.

Thank You

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Have you inspected all motor mounts, and transmission mounts, and their respective bolts? I've seen sheared-off motor mount bolts. Check it out.