Hi Scotty,

I have a 2011 toyota camry 2.5l base trim.

I'm missing the right front fender liner.

't see any rust in the wheel well. I have an aftermarket fender liner and a kit of assorted plastic fasteners for Toyota. A few of the metal bolts that fix the fender liner to the car are missing from the wheel well. One is forward, one is back, and one is top towards the front in a big dimple. On ToyotaNation someone says they are 10mm self tapping screws. On CamryForums it says to reuse the old bolts in their old positions as they have different threads. A parts store suggests I need m8.

Also, I would think that missing bolts means they were stripped out, which makes me wonder if the original bolts might be too small now.

Also, on the front left I see a clip with at pan head screw that's missing on the right. I see the clip but not the screw for sale. I think the screw is plastic. Do I need it?

What sort of bolts do i need?

What should I do?


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tell you what I do, I use those plastic electrical ties that ratchet onto themselves, and if I have to, i cut new holes in the plastic and tie it in using holes that were there for the bolts and screws. That factory set up is crap.