Hi Scotty, I have a 2007 Toyota Prius with HID headlamps and 125,000 miles. Over the past 2 years, only the passenger side headlight has gone out at times. I have just turned the headlamp switch off and then on again and it turns that headlamp back on again. However, that no longer works as of today. Do I just need to replace that HID bulb ($50) or do I also need to replace the ballast ($80) as well?

Thanks! Doug

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You're not alone! From 2001-2009 Prius owners lodged 1,300+ complaints about headlights (most frequently), and other exterior lights, shutting down w/ no warning. In DEC2009, Toyota Corp. started mailing offers to 216,000 Prius owners for reimbursement of headlight repair costs. Accidents/injury have been reported resulting from this failure. I'd contact Toyota Corp. or a local Dealership for guidance, esp. to obtain Service Bulletin(s) on this fix.