Hi Scotty, I have a 2007 GMC Sierra with an automatic windshield wiper sensor. For more than 8 years, my mechanic and I have not been able to figure out why the wipers turn on and will not turn off regardless of the switch setting when "something" gets wet from rain or a carwash. The washer fluid pump runs at the same time. It can even happen the next day after a storm, during a sunny day. Seems to go away when the heat of the engine dries out whatever is causing the short. Before my mechanic disconnected the system, I'm going down the road and the wipers are going and the fluid is spraying on the windshield. We replaced the motor and a bunch of other checks but still can't figure it out. Turning off the truck is the only way to make it stop. Sometimes, it will start up again a few more miles down the road or not at all. So, the electrical short is the same as holding the washer fluid switch on and not letting up. Even when the washer fluid tank is empty, the pump continues to run and the wipers continue to go. Side note: there was a fire hazard recall from GM because of the heated washer fluid system. The "fix" by GM was to disable it. Maybe that is connected to this but didn't seem to be an issue until a few years after the recall fix. Thanks.