Hi Scotty,

I have a 2006 Subaru Forester with 183.000 miles on it. It has some
small leaks at the rear main oil seal, timing cover gasket, valve
cover gasket. My mechanic told me it's not worth fixing it and that I
should be able to drive 1-2 more years with it. I need to top off the
oil once in a while, about half quart between oil changes.

I recently watched one of your videos with AT-205 reseal liquid. Do
you think I should try that to delay the leaks? Would it have any
effect on the types of leaks I have and do you think I should try to
spend money fixing these issues, or just keep driving like this, as my
mechanic recommended?

Thank you!


sure, try that, it's great on oil SEAL leaks, nothing of course stops oil gasket leaks other than replacing them