Hi Scotty, I have a 2004 Cadillac Seville trouble code. Background information: An internal bushing in the transmission gave the output to the cv joint too much play and caused the axle seal to leak-- I had an external fix done with a fitzall bearing product to stabilize the cv joint. So far that has not been leaking.

While the previous problem was going on, the code P0741 "Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Performance or Stuck" came on and has kept coming back intermittently. It does not come on with highway driving, only around town. Car runs and shifts fine. I read that if I drive it in (3) instead of (Overdrive) around town that could potentially circumvent the issue.

Do I have anything serious to worry about? The replacement sensor is buried in the tranny and would be an expensive fix. Any thoughts or advice in general?

Thank you for your help, I'll take a look at your book on Amazon this evening.


yea, I'd leave it alone too. Taking that tranny apart i a pain and could even be the converter going out which isn't cheap or easy to swap out