Hi Scotty,

I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I have a couple of transmission issues lately. Number one- delayed engagement into reverse. It's like 2-3 seconds and very weak when it does kick in. The car only has just over 97,700 miles on it. I understand this could be worn bands. Is it common for bands to become worn at under 100,000 miles? What are some things that could cause bands to wear prematurely? Number two- whole entire unit is leaking from the front. Could this be a bad front seal? If so, is that an easy fix? Other possibilities? Number three- constant rough shifts. If I always keep the fluid at the full mark and it is not burnt or discolored or anything (so basically it's not worn), what could be the underlying cause of this? A loss of pressure through the leak?


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transission is just waring out, those are really crappy trannys. But, fix the leak first, cause pressure loss can cause ALL that. Pray it's that simple