Hi Scotty: I have a 2001 Mazda MPV DX V6 2.5L 2497CC V6 GAS DOHC and the engine it's idle and running rough, check engine it's on with a "random misfire code " ( it does not indicate a specific cylinder ) engine

vibrates and the van too; I checked the coil pack and I don't have a spark in coil # 3 and # 4 ( between the coil pack and the cable ) all

the rest is fine ( cables, coils, and spark plugs ), I'd been told my EMC its bad and I need to replace it so my questions are:

can I go to the junkyard and get another EMC unit from the same make and model like my vehicle and replace it?

can I send my unit to be repaired in some of the internet places that offer this kind of service?

can I just swap units like there was plug and play or do I need to reprogram the replacement unit?

I would really appreciate all your input and information about this and of course your recommendation on this issue Scotty since the dealer just charges a lot of money for this units.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Ok thanks for you expert advice Scotty



you would have to reprogram the computer to make it work. NO ONE repairs those things correctly, so forget rebuilts. It really is a pro job these days to swap car computers out