Hi Scotty, I have a 2001 jeep grand cherokee and one day I filled up with gas and a few blocks down the road it began to spit, sputter and stall. If I kept giving it gas it would continue to run, I thought it might be bad gas so I tried HEAT to remove water, didn't help. Took it to an auto shop and they drained the gas, checked the fuel pump pressure (ok) and replaced the fuel filter, didn't help. Took it to another shop and they said it coded for a crank shaft position sensor. They replaced it and we drove it home and it seemed to run well. It stopped the dying or stalling but left it with a very rough idle and loss of power. Took it back and they said two cylinders tested at low pressure and that I needed a new engine. Took it to another shop and all they did was a compression check and said that two cylinders were low and I needed a new engine. This vehicle was running smooth, idled smooth, and had power before whatever went wrong. Iv'e had it coded at two or three places and it shows a misfire at no. 3. I have cleaned the idle air control valve, changed the plugs, "listened" to the fuel injectors and they sound consistent, cleaned the throttle body, checked the oil and radiator for a blown head gasket and it looks ok. When I put a piece of paper close to the tail pipe it does seen to suck inwards intermittently so I used the CRC as suggested to clean the valves which didn't help. I placed a long metal rod next to the inline coil pack and they all seem to be firing. One day for no given reason it seemed to regain some of its power all at once, but it still has a very rough idle/shake. The installation of the crank sensor did stop the stalling but it did not have the rough idle until after the sensor was installed. I do not hear any mechanical sounds from the engine but I do hear a ticking like noise from the intake manifold. I keep trying because I don't believe that the low compression cylinders would cause the rough idle and I think they are wrong. I don't hear any vacuum leaks but I haven't tried the cigar test. These two shops seemed to go solely by what is coded and no other investigation. I hope you can help and maybe you can tell from this story what might be the cause. I saw a youtube video where it was stated that the crank sensor must be aligned or "set" specifically (a gap) or it would not function properly, could they have it set improperly?

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could easily be a blowing head gasket, if pressure is really bad on some cylinders, I would suspenct that. Do this video test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA7KVQq9vKA