Hi Scotty,
I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 L Magnum 4x4. I'm having a weird "shimmy" at idle. Mostly feel it in the seat, but can feel it in the wheel to. And it also only really happens after it has warmed up a bit. Almost feels like a missfire to me. I had a major misfire about a month ago on #5. Replaced cap, wire and plugs. The rotor napa sold me was hitting the contacts in the cap and actually broke the tip off, that was a fun limp home. Its got the old one in there now. But I can't figure out what this idle issue is, and I want to stop it here before I get other issues. I was thinking new IAC motor, PCV valve, grommet. and some sea foam, but I want to get opinions on it before I keep throwing money at it. Also it has a new TPS sensor. Maybe its low one blinker fluid lol

rather than guess, do what I do or pay someone to do it. I hook up my dealer level scanner, drive it, then analyze the historical data, the mode 6 data, and live data. That always shows the problem error UNLESS it's mechanical like a broken motor mount or tranny mount you can jack up and check yourself. good luck

Okay one last question, I have heard from a few places it could be a cable routing issue, is that at all possible??