Hi Scotty! I have a 2000 Ford Explorer with 173000 miles. Its been running funky, loss of power going up a hill, misfire, feels like engine choking. A friend replaced the O2 sensors and a couple weeks later the battery died with no warning. I have had the oil changed, replaced the battery, and a mechanic replaced the #4 spark plug, ignition wires, coil pack and fuel filter. It still has a miss, leads to PCM although it does seem to have more power when I drive it. I don't want to soak a lot of money into a car this old, but don't enjoy walking to work. Got any ideas?

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when that old, it's often best to live with minor problems on an old explorer rather than throw money into an endless pit. But do try this video,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cP7D-5iQcNo&t=37s