Hi Scotty, I have a 1999 Chevy Blazer, had an issue where the wiring harness shorted out under the ABS module, fixed that but now it wont start. It just cranks and cranks and never turns over. All the fuses are good, the fuel pump hums along, I get spark, starter fluid does nothing either. I've heard that the issue could be the passlock system, but I don't get the SECURITY light, and it seems that passlock allows the engine to run for a few seconds whereas mine never turns over. any thoughts?

well, wiring is wiring, it's all interconnected. I would assume that work was either done wrong, or while doing it other wiring shorted out. Check ALL fuses and relays first, But that's weird cause if you really have correct spark, it should start with starting fluid and then die. Only thing that can do that would be a blown head gasket, or a flooded out engine.

Turns out, it was the distributor, apparently my spark plug tester was too sensitive and giving me a false reading making me think that I got spark.