Hi scotty, i have a 1995 lexus es 300 that is leaking oil wen i turn off the car after i drive , i replace the valve cover gaskets and spark plug grommets and still leaking i looks like its coming from about the power steering pump mainly and it has some about and below the crankshaft pulley the timing belt tensioner is also wet , i have 10w30 original toyota oil on it , car has 160,000 miles , what could it be? Can i fix it just by putting a thicker oil? 10w40, thank you

thicker oil won't fix it, do this video to find the source

Thanks , scotty, you're the best!!!

How about if i put some atp 205 reseal? On the oil

Might be worth $12.74 to try a bottle. Depends how large defect in seal (or whatever's causing your leak) is. You could try ATP 205 Re-Seal, might work if leak is minor (a significantly torn seal may continue leaking beyond the capability of ATP 205). Might need to drive 100- to 200-miles before it kicks in. Keep an eye on leak area to see if leaking oil re-appears. Don't put 205 in your brake fluid. P.S. Watch Scotty's video, above, before adding 205 to your engine oil-- at least you'll know WHERE to eyeball it.

Car only leaks after i shut it off every time, not while running and not that much but its annoying leaving oil on every place i park