Hi scotty, I have a 06 acura TL with the 3.2L V6, It has 105k miles, I bought it with an issue, that being that It's got Code's P2279, P0172 and p0175. It idles slightly rough, definitely low on power. It's supposed to be a 0-60 in 6 ish seconds, I'm doing it in 11, and my 2.0 jetta tdi at 140 hp does 0-60 in about 9 seconds, so somethings sure wrong! before I did the plugs It was worse. it would seem it's Claiming vacuum leak, but both bank 1 and 2 running rich, to my knowledge a vacuum leak makes it run leaner with more air and can cause a surging rough idle?. I replaced the plugs and they did look a bit rich. I've read a few things from, valves needing adjustment fixed it, to replacing the map sensor. I read that generally the o2 sensors are fairly reliable so for both banks to be throwing the code,doing a drive long term fuel trim is anywhere from -8 to -14. it's probable she's getting too much fuel, so in the car the only other sensor is the MAP, I can't find a vacuum leak for the life of me, perhaps the sensor is reading lower pressure than normal at idle then higher than normal while running about?. Or maybe it could be valves? Car idles quiet with no valve ticking. I just don't know which way to go. Thanks!

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do adjust the valves first, a known flaw on those acuras. also change the fuel filter AND pressure test the fuel pump . Those valves often get too tight, so you don't hear em but that makes em run bad