Hi Scotty, I have a 04 Mercury Monterey that got a code of p0174 last year. I took it to Midas in March of this year. They replaced the fuel pump fuel filter since they said that was the cause, same code came back on took it back they said it was the egr valve. Let’s just say I’ve replaced all 4 oxygen sensors MAF sensor upper intake gaskets and lower intake gasket, along with pcv valve and hose. I’m still getting a lean code, I don’t think the fuel injectors were checked at the shop could this be a cause. Thank you

first, don't go to Midas for car repair, it's a muffler shop. They guessed with your money and fixed nothing really. Those are notorious for vacuum leaks causing that, they did some work on the intake but obviously are not good at diagnosing anything. Start at a REAL mechanic shop not a chain muffler store.

ok thank you very much.