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I had a timing belt service performed at a Toyota Dealership on my 95 Corolla and the car broke down due to the tensioner idle pulley bearings seizing. I had all related parts replaced (belts, hoses and WP). The warranty is void on the service because they did not replace the tensioner pulley ($30 part) and the engine may be damaged. 3rd party Toyota repair centers use a kit with all the TB parts. The Toyota dealer will inspect the engine for valve damage after the new TB repair is finished.

The Corolla ran fine for 3 months and just broke down. It has 250,000 miles. Should they have automatically replaced the TB idle pulley regardless so as not to put me at risk of my warranty not to mention my engine and my entire asset? They never mentioned replacing it because it was inspected and was working at the time of the repair.

The Toyota dealership will not cover the repair and associated expenses due to the damage and breakdown. Toyota HQ in Plano, TX states that they have no control or influence over the dealer. I am furious over this situation. Will likely bring a law suite if this does not get resolved properly and fairly. Do you have any advice.

Also, can u consult and what do u charge? Very interested in talking to you. I have developed a new revolutionary motor and I will be releasing it soon. Something you have not seen before.

And you may be up for a movie deal! Ha.


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Thanks Scotty! You are up for Sainthood ha. Lets see what Toyota thinks of my new motor technology! Dave



they should have replaced it, but they didn't. Good luck suing them, but odds are you won't get far from what i've seen my customer's do with dealers

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