Hi Scotty , I found you on YouTube while trying to diagnose my car problem , I was wondering if you could help me. I have a 2000 Subaru gc8 wrx with a hunting idle issue. once the car is fully warm it will start to slightly hunt a little bit , not to extreme but you can see it hunting. When you go for a drive with the car , after a bit of driving , when your slowing down to come to a set of lights and I put it in n as I’m coming to a stop , the car will idle very low and jump back up and low again and back up till it fixes itself , sometimes as I am coming to a stop and take it out of gear , it will idle so low that it ends up stalling. I’ve noticed it will happen more often if I put my foot down abit and give it abit of a hard time. I’m leaning towards my Iacv , the test that I have done is , when the car was full cold one morning I turned the car on and un plugged the iacv and turned the car off , I pulled it out and measured where the pin was at the time , it was in deed closed all the way as it was cold. I put it back in and plugged the harness in and turned car on , allowed it to reach operating temp and just when it started to hunt abit I un plugged the iacv again and turned the car off and re checked where the pin was , now it did open abit but maybe only 1cm or something , i don’t think it opened all the way. can I get a quick opinion on this from you ? Thank you very much

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often vacuum leaks, check that first. if not , replace the iacv

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