Hi Scotty,I faced a new problem with my Altima 2010, i am having an existing problem of slow acceleration/ reverse from dead stop every once in a while, but this week while going uphill with 4 passengers inside, car power started to drop and as i went further uphill it kept decreasing to a point when suddenly VDC OFF and SLIP lights came on and everything was back to normal, normal power and acceleration. what do you think happened here.

those have horrid automatic transmissions, and it sounds like yours is going out. Have a good nissan mechanic hook up his scan computer, road test it and check the tranny system. If it is going out, sell it, repairs will be more than car is worth

Thanks , I will get it checked out and sell it if there is bad news, but which brand do you recommend to buy? With automatic transmission.

I got the computer checked the error code is p1777, mechanic says the cvt has to be replaced unless i find someone who can change the step motor. What do you suggest