Hi Scotty,

I enjoy all your clips and they have helped me a lot in understanding how things work and how to repair them.n You are a confidence builder.

I am having a problem with my 2006 Kia Sedona . Rough idle , sticky throttle. Engine surges on start up much like someone gently pumping the gas pedal. Once warm usually ok but sometimes a hard gas pedal?

I checked the TPS connection and tried to get the connector off. It will not budge. There are no screws holding the TPS sensor to the unit. I went on ebay to check if they are sold (TPS) and they are. So it must come off somehow. I tried pulling on it but I am afraid that all I will accomplish is breaking it off. Not good. I fiddled with the connector a bit and it seemed to help the idle. I would like to get the connector off to put dialectic grease on it and ensure a good connection before moving on to cleaning the throttle valve and the MAP and or replacing the sensor. Kia dealer (Quebec Canada) says sensor is not sold seperately and I must buy the whole unit -about $700. I am getting an engine code P0171 & P0174' Essentially, System too lean Bank 1 & 2. I realize there could be a number of things causing this. I am looking at the obvious things and am checking vacuum hoses connectors and ducts.

Any ideas on how to remove the connector (TPS) and the sensor itself? My second question would be is does this car have a vacuum hose leading to the transmission and if so where would I look for it.

Sorry for the long email. Many thanks

Philip Niro

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those don't use tranny vacuum hoses anymore. As for the sensor, that old in Quebec it's probably all corroded on. Before messing with it, have a pro like me scan the whole car for codes , live data, and analyze mode 6 data to find the source of running lean. Don't guess with taking a part off that may or may not be bad. Start with an analysis first. Those often eat up maf sensors or get vacuum leaks