Hi Scotty, I don't think you've done videos on these subjects yet but I wanted to put out a couple…


Hi Scotty, I don't think you've done videos on these subjects yet but I wanted to put out a couple of PSA's regarding Ford DuraTec 3.5L V6 and the Ford Edge.

I owned a 2011 Ford Edge Limited for 93k miles before I was just forced to trade it in. First, regarding the 3.5L V6 DuraTec, people need to be aware not to buy this engine because of the fatal design flaw with the water pump. The water pump is chain driven and in the heart of the engine. When it fails (and it will), it dumps coolant into the oil pan thereby ruining the engine.. sometimes with little or no warning. The only clue you are having problems is a tiny weephole you have to watch for signs of leakage, and then you have to spend a couple thousand dollars on the repair because the engine has to be significantly disassembled to replace it.

And then regarding the Ford Edge, it has a problem that affects AWD models. Specifically the problem part is the power take-off unit (also known as PTO or PTU). This part was designed to be "maintenance free" - read, Ford has no maintenance schedule for it, and it's placed near exhaust components. End result is the heat cooks the lubricant in the PTO until it fails. Mine failed at 80k and cost nearly $1800 to replace at dealer. This is simply bad design. It should have a drain plug and should be on the maint schedule but it isn't. This will leave nearly all owners of this car with AWD to be faced with this repair unless they know about it and have someone change the fluid with a vacuum pump.

In my case, the combination of several expensive failures of system components, plus the impending failure of my water pump, and the reduced reliability of the car in recent months ended up causing me to trade in my vehicle to escape this mess. Since this V6 engine is prolific in several years of Ford's vehicles, and the Power Take-off unit is prolific in the Edge and other Ford models, both are good subjects to make people aware of. Thanks for your consideration!