Hi Scotty. I came across your YouTube channel unexpectedly while searching for information on repair…


Hi Scotty.
I came across your YouTube channel unexpectedly while searching for information on repair status for 2013 Honda CR-V’s and Hyundai Tucson.
And I must tell you how much I have enjoyed your videos. They have been informative and entertaining. Just so you know before I settled on the Honda and Hyundai I was looking at the Mercedes C300, Audi A5 coupe, and Volvo S60 T5, but after looking at their repair/maintenance costs decided against them.
Anyway the reason I'm​ writing is the two vehicles mentioned earlier. I want to purchase either the 2013/2014 AWD CR-V Touring, or the 2013/2014 AWD Hyundai Tucson Limited.
If you were shopping for one of these and wanted to buy the most reliable and trouble free one which would you purchase?
Also what resources would you use to be sure you were getting the best price?
Finally I live in New York and would like a resource to find a qualified mechanic to check out the car before I buy. Do you know if there's anything like that in my neck of the woods?
Well I've subscribed​ to your site and will continue to enjoy your videos.
Thanks for your help.

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How many old Hyundais do you see driving down the road. Not a lot. No look at now many older Toyotas and Hondas there are....not that I think any old Japanese vehicle is all that great.


You could start with ASE certified shops, and if in doubt ask to see their ASE credentials and google the shop for reviews. Yep, I'd go Honda over Hyundai on pretty much everything. But I'd go Toyota over Honda for long term reliability, Honda over Toyota for driving experience and amenities.


Honda by FAR. I would assume there are tons of mechanics there who could check out a car before you buy it. I lived in New York ages ago and worked at my father's corner texaco gas station where we always checked out used cars for customers (and in those days it was a free service to regular customers.)