Hi Scotty, I bought Chevrolet Cruze 2016 last year and then found you on YouTube, now i fully…


Hi Scotty, I bought Chevrolet Cruze 2016 last year and then found you on YouTube, now i fully understand the mistake i have made! Bad timing.

Anyways i am planning to change my car and i am moved by your concept of beater car. I want to buy a family car now, which i want to keep for a decade or more as long as it don’t break. Sort of beater car but starting with a recent model car and then converting it to a beater car.

Do you think Honda Accord 2016 will be good car for my purpose? My only concern is regarding the Earth Dreams tech video you posted. I live in Toronto so winter temp can be -30 C and your video said that Earth Dreams problems can be worse in chilled weather. If i change the oil regularly, do you think things will be fine?

Also do you think Honda Accord CVT transmission will last 200K miles? What care should i take to make it last this long?

If not Honda Accord, do you think Hyundai Sonata 2015 will server my purpose? My friend bought it new on lease and i can get it for good price. It have just 15K miles on it in 4 years.

Any other car you would like to recommend except Toyota Camry?

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Yes, it's a guessing game but the most winners of the Game pick Toyota.

dirty dan
dirty dan

If you're looking for reliability get a Toyota Camry or Corolla I would just junk that Chevy Cruze as quick as possible.



Scotty has alot of Experirence that he has relied on from working on these vehicles , friends and research , I Respect Him , So should You

when it comes to exact vehicles (A Single Vehicle) A blind squirrel will find a nut once in a while , meaning you could have a Vehicle that will last 700,000+ miles or a Vehicle that will cause you ALL KINDS OF HEADACHES and Clunk Out early in it's life ,
Care and regular maintenance being of Most Importance

But Truth is None of us Mechanics can predict how long ANY (1) Vehicle will last