Hi Scotty,
I am relatively new to following your channel on youtube and taking a look at your cool website. I ran across several of your youtube videos and started following your channel when I had an issue with my car (with the power steering). I look forward to continue to learn from your channel and website about different car problems. I do have a curious car question though... So I drive pretty far to work (mostly highway miles) every weekday and I put a lot of miles on cars so I've learned some different stuff. There's also a car repair shop right by my work that does good work on cars for reasonable prices (which is awesome). And basically right now I have the luxury of driving 2 different cars for the last year or so and for some time yet since my brother lives in the city currently and doesn't usually need his. So the car that I mostly drive is a 2003 Mazda Tribute V6 and my brothers car (that I usually drive 2 or 3 days a week) is a 2004 Hyundai Sonata. They both run pretty well and I have had some different repairs done on both of those cars over the past couple years and they still don't have a ton of miles on them. One thing that I pay attention to often is the temperature on the dashboard. So the temperature, or the reading on the dashboard, that is the temperature of the coolant right?? Not the oil?? Correct? When the car is fully warmed up and everything, the needle sits just below middle, which I believe is normal (at least that's what I see on a lot of cars nowadays). So on my 2003 Mazda Tribute it when I drive the car and get it going, it seems like it warms up pretty quickly. On that car it usually doesn't take that long at all for the needle on the temperature gauge to go up to just below middle. It never goes any higher than that (which it shouldn't) which is good, but it seems like it doesn't take that long at all to warm up. Even though in the cold I like to warm it up for several minutes. However, on my brother's 2004 Hyundai Sonata, when I drive it, it takes longer for the needle on the temperature gauge to go up to just below middle. It seems weird to me, but are there certain cars (certain makes, or models) that take longer than others to warm up?? I'm just curious about it. Or is it the different oil that the cars use? (Tribute uses 5W-20, and Hyundai uses 5W-30). Let me know about this. Thanks, Zach.

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that's coolant tep. Some cars warm up slower than others, that's normal. If it warms up too slow though, put in a new thermostat.