Hi, Scotty! I am one of your YouTube subscribers and love your tutorials, but I feel I need to ask something directly. I own a 98 Altima SE with approximately (funny story) 160K on the clock. She's a good old girl with peeling paint but remarkable reliability. Until today. I just drove her home from Dallas to Norman, OK yesterday, about a 200 mile drive after she sat for a week in an airport parking lot. Startup and drive were smooth and uneventful. I practically topped off the tank in Sanger, TX from one-third, and she continued to run like normal from there all the way to shutdown at the house. But this morning, she would only crank. I could hear the pump come on (new this spring), and the starter sounded robust, like any other morning. I have watched your tutorial on cranking no-start but wondered if you might have anything model-specific to add. She is SE trim with a KA24DE-A, of course, the only engine available in Altimas of this vintage. Any additional pointers are welcomed and greatly appreciated, so I can get looking after work today. Thanks!!!

check to see if it's lost spark first, showing a bad distributor or crank sensor