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I am having a problem with my 09 Escape V4 and it is annoying. I have a very poor fuel economy and I am not able to find the problem. I took it to multiple mechanics and my local dealer, but all of them said that that if there are no check engine lights, they couldn't help.

My car runs good, no check engine lights, no issues, but I am getting something around 15-16MPG. It is the same whether I am driving in the city or highway.

I changed spark plugs, fuel injectors, coils, O2 sensor, catalytic converter. I recently cleaned the MAF and throttle, but no change at all.

I recently had a problem with the engine and it was giving me P301 code, that is way I changed all of the items mentioned above, then the dealer told me that the cylinder was cracked. So I changed the engine and the MPG went back to around 24MPS, but started to go down until it settled at around 15-16MPG with no increase since then. It consumes more gas than my 6V minivan.

So can you help with suggestions? The last time I took it to the dealer was today and they told me that if the car runs good and there are no check engine lights, they won`t be able to do anything.

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find a better mechanic, one like me with a dealer level scanner to road test it and analyze live and mode 6 data. Lots more than simple check engine lights, they are idiots

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