Hi Scotty, I'am from country Georgia, it's a little beautiful country near Russia and Turkey. I…


Hi Scotty,

I'am from country Georgia, it's a little beautiful country near Russia and Turkey.

I love your show and watch it every week, please keep doing what you are doing so nicely.

I need your little help. Please, share your opinion about my problem:

I recently purchased 2003 Nissan Cube with 1.4 L gasoline engine, It has really poor gas mileage for such a small engine, about 11 liters per 100 KM, i like to do things myself, so i changed the spark plugs (they where pretty worn and bad), then i cleaned throttle body with throttle body cleaner, it has a electric throttle body and i opened it manually (i didn't know that it's a bad idea to open electric throttle body manually, but connectors where disconnected) and now when i reassembled everything and started the engine it idles to high - when the engine is cold rpm stays around 1500 RPM and when it's worm the RPM drops around 1000 RPM while in neutral and little bit lower when in Drive, also when i press on accelerator RPM rises smoothly and when i release the accelerator RPM drops, but stays around 1500 for few seconds and then drops instantly on 1000. Before cleaning the throttle body and changing the spark plugs RPM in Drive mode always stayed between 0 and 1000 RPM, exactly at the level where there is a little indicator on tachometer of where the RPM should be in Drive mode, now it stays higher. Gas mileage is still the same if not worse.

What could be the cause of this? Please share your opinion and tell me what to do.

Sorry for my poor English.

Thank you beforehand for your help.

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Thanks. One more question, can idle relearn process be done without any scan tool? by just disconnecting battery terminals or something?



Yes, I've seen some pretty gorgeous Georgian women in my time. realize nissans often need their idle reset via scan computer when they are messed with. It's called "idle relearn process." so you might start there. And I would guess it might be time to just replace the MAF sensor, and have the fuel injectors pressure cleaned of carbon. good luck