Hi Scotty!

I also wonder after your email I appreciate so much... where if my head gasket leaks slowly, then can I drive it a few more months? A local mechanic kept me coming back and I spent almost $2,000 on it last spring. If it leaks only a little, then also could it suddenly have a major blow and I'd be stranded and have to tow it? It has all new timing belt OEM $196 kit installed, tranny flushed and new filter, and differentials (AWD), new rear brake calipers and all new pads, 4 almost new tires (cost $450 gift from my sister), or sell it for parts and if I do how much would you ask for it? Do you recommend any head gasket tester kit over another? I see Napa has one that doesn't have that double decker design like in your video. Is that double decker or double vial design best? Thanks for all you do.

Carpe Diem!

you get nothing selling a vehicle for parts in most cases. Any leak tester works good enough, double are just more accurate for small leaks. And heck, try some bars head gasket sealer, it might let it last a few months more