Hi Scotty, Hope you're doing good. Well i have a dodge journey 2014 RT leans driver side makes scary to drive on freeway.
Well it happens when driving about 100km/h . the real scenario is, here in Canada winter makes the highways uneven so when making lane changes or some straight driving is challenging on some streches because of the vehicle leans a lot on driver side. so i have to residue the speed to my comfort level in order to change a lane or drive straight. But if i'm traveling an even lane i don't get any problems. it's very unusual and embarrassing to me.
The truck had about 102,000km on it. Replaced 2 new monroe quick struts assy went for a wheel alignment. Before winter replaced all 4 brake rotors and pads. Driver side strut was shot and steering pull and vibration happened with lean issue that's why i replaced the struts and that problem solved except the lean issue.
Please advice me do i have to change rear struts as well or lower control arm issue, balljoint etc? well i measured the height of all wheels the height is the same except rear passenger side it's almost a 1/4 inch higher than others.
FYI: i replaced the struts and brake job by myself & went for the alignment at the dealership they said lower control arm bushing is gone but no safety concern told only make some noise on bumps but i haven't heard any, Please guide me ?

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Scotty, i really appreciate your time. I gonna replace them soon and let you know the feed back. Thanks again, Sutan



change the lower control arm, wear there will do that, period. And only have a real pro alignment guy align it after the job is done

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