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Hi Scotty! Great vids as usual. I have a weird noise coming from the steering, when Coming around at full lock. I know it's not good, as I don't do it very often or long periods of times. But I have a strange noise coming from it. Sounds like a grinding noise. But I have no brake shielding.. I will email if you prefer as I do have an audio clip for witness. My email is abs001@iinet.net.au. not sure of this a dangerous issue as I do have a power steering feeling "loose" when it's at the full level correctly and fresh fluid is being used. Thanks again!

jack it up, check for worn inner fender plastic that will rub and grind. If not that, often a worn power steering pump will grind at full lock when older and worn.

Ok cool I'll check it out today. Thanks mate! What do you think about Subaru ez30d engines? Reliable?

Love tech and cool projects, going about extreme and making my own obd2 scanner/ rasberry pi with inbuilt screen into the stereo dash. Going to buy the blue driver product you recommended.
Also for a lover of older cars.. what is a car manufacturer you would prefer for engine strength and reliability? Plymouth, Ford,Chevy, or gmc? Orthers?