Hi Scotty,

Great videos. I believe I have an intermittent grounding problem with my motorhome. What's the best way to diagnose it?

drop test the ground system, as in this video

Hi Scotty,

I watched the video and don't see how this applies to my problem.

Here's what's going on more or less once a month with no check engine light or codes.

Usually on cold starts and occasionally hot/warm starts... engine acts like it's only running on four cylinders instead of eight. Will not climb the slightest incline. Best way I've found to clear the problem is to hold the gas pedal to the floor and off it slowly goes, with some misfires and backfires, after about 30 seconds, and wham...the problem goes away and it runs smooth as silk. I've replaced the in-tank fuel pump and filter, cleaned throttle body, replaced maf and map sensors, new plugs and wires and coils on all eight cylinders. Last thing I did in January was replace the maf sensor connector and it has not done it since, but expecting it again in the future. Hopefully it will not return. A friend told me it sounds like an INTERMITTENT grounding problem and hence, my email to you.

I'd appreciate any thoughts you might offer. I'm really enjoying your videos. Keep up the good work.