hi Scotty great show and tips,my question is i had a recall notice on my 89 vette which i never recieved for the seatbelt extractors, which was in 91 so i have been driving around with defective belts without knowing about it for 27 years/ just found out 2 months ago and finally gm put them in but they don't have red matching pair,so one is red and the other is blue,gm advised i can dye the blue one red,but spoke to seat belt manufacture and they advise against it as affects the integrity of the belt,is this true or gm just being idiots,also my car has collectors plates so i feel i will have to get regular plates because gm never sent me a notice and dealership never advised during servicing and the seatbelts have to match the original interior which is red,gm also stated aftermarket belts don't meet their safety standards but Seatbelt solutions meets and exceed gm standards as zip corvettes has pointed out.Thanx Scotty

They are being idiots, dying would not hurt them.

thnxs Scotty.

maybe i should test drive one of their new cars oops i did see that other car ...lol