Hi Scotty, First of all thank you so much for your help on the timing belt of my toyota sienna 2000. I've been having issues with this car for the longest time. AC works for a bit and then start blowing warm air with less blowing power. Car overheats. I have replaced a new thermostat twice, I have replaced the water pump too and even put a paper clip on the temp sensor to force the radiator fans to run all the time. Even with all this, the car keeps overheating. I've noticed that the AC starts getting warm when the car temperature starts going over the half mark. I also did the bleeding of the air from the coolant as well with the funnel thing. Also an interesting and VEERY WEIRD factor is that the car overheats when in motion and when it is stopped (idle) it starts getting cooler and the temperature lowers to the middle point (normal temp) I made a simple test on the radiator to check it and what I did was to disconnect both fat hoses (upper and lower) and connect a garden water hose where the top hose should go and then when putting pressure on the garden water hose the water would come out from the bottom of the radiator. Does this mean the radiator is not clogged? or could it still be the issue? My main concern more than the AC is stopping the overheating. The AC is something I guess I'll take care later since compressor works, freon level seems ok and I already replaced relays and thermistor on it. Please Scotty give me a light on what this problem could be.

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could be tons of things, do this video