Hi Scotty! First of all i'd like say - BIG THANK YOU. I wrote to you couple weeks ago about my…


Hi Scotty! First of all i'd like say - BIG THANK YOU. I wrote to you couple weeks ago about my Toyota Celica 1994 3s-ge stalling instantly after starting her. I changed whole distributor assembly like u said and it fixed the problem!

But i have got a new issue. She starts now perfectly fine but she is on 2200rpm on idle! Also she misfires randomly every 3 to 8 seconds giving Check engine light for a second. It goes like this -> 2200rpm for ~3-8 seconds -> Misfire, CEL goes on, rpm drop to 1500 -> CEL goes off, rpm go back to 2200. It all happens in a second.

I was thinking, maybe some sneaky vacuum leak? But after she warmed up a little bit a turned her off because i got scared from white smoke coming from radiator (hopefully it was nothing as the car wasn't even half warmed up and it was after rain) and turned her back on and bam! CEL on, Limp mode! However in limp mode rpms are fine and there are no misfires. If there was a vacuum leak shouldnt rpms be still wrong outside limp mode? Maybe fuel injectors? And why she doesn't misfire in limp mode? Limp mode kicks in after she warms up a little bit.

Heres a list of things i changed: Ignition Coil, Ignition Module, Ignition Leads, Whole Distributor, Spark Plugs, Fuel Filter, Throttle Position Sensor, PCV Valve, couple cracked hoses (might be many more) and Idle Air Control Valve.. On a quick note - my coolant looks dirty, not like blown gasket dirty, it looks like rust dirty and leaves orange residue on fingers, maybe it clogged my new air control valve or something? Or just a vacuum leak, i can hear a loud hissing but i think its because of her 2200rpm on idle. Thank you so much in advance as i am out of ideas again.