Hi Scotty, can you tell me what the difference is between a pick up truck extracab and regular cab is? I have been looking around the web but the only thing I have been getting is a bunch of links to random USELESS web sites that dont show me anything or tell me anything.

And on a side note. My car got damaged in the front bumber.It got hit hard enough to send the car backwards 30 feet from its original parking spot. As of right now it got sent to a body shop and is now waiting for estimates for a possible repair. If its not possible or it goes over the price of what my T100 pick up is worth they will scrap it. Since its guaranteed that the engine got hit, parts got destroyed, and the gas tank is now damaged/cracked.

So basically is it worth keeping or repairing now(hasn't been repaired yet since the last time I asked Due to finical problems.)?

Thanks a head of time for reading and your opinion is GREATLY appreciated.

heck, they're just names, there is not tech difference really. Take the money and run, moving 30 feet would have destroyed all kinds of stuff.