Hi, Scotty can you please make a video to guide on how to drain and refill radiator and invertor…


Scotty can you please make a video to guide on how to drain and refill radiator and invertor coolant in prius 2009. Kindly tell the easiest steps to do this at home, without fancy vacuum tools. ( As i am a beginner and don't have any fancy tools with me)
Also please tell if it's safe to only drain radiator coolant through drain valve, then add distilled water to the radiator, start engine, turn AC on for 5 minutes and then turn heater ON for 5-10 minutes. Then turn off the engine, get it cooled and drain this water, and repeat this process, till water is clear.
Then add coolant.
Will above procedure be enough for changing radiator coolant or not?
and what is air bleeding? How it's done? Is it necessary for radiator coolant change?
also please guide for invertor coolant change too?
Also does invertor coolant and radiator coolant are same in prius (recommended is Toyota super long life or HYBRID coolant)?
Should we change both the coolants together or not?
Also is there any way to check at home, if coolant needs to be changed or not, if one doesn't know when this coolant was changed last time.
Lastly accept my apologies, if my questions seem silly as i am totally new to these things and wanna take care of my car personally.

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you can do that process as long as you don't have air in the system causing overheating. But really, you need a prius dealer level scan tool to do the inverter system to open and close valves and run the pump. I would use only toyota hybrid coolant in that. You can buy coolant test strips to test the quality of the coolant