Hi Scotty! Big issue with my 94 Celica 3s-ge. Sometimes no code stored, sometimes code 14, but always CEL on. I start the car, rpm goes up and slowly goes down as car dies within 2-3 seconds. With throttle all the way down, car jerks, bogs and loudly spits air (i think through airbox as there is slight white smoke coming out of it in that case), but holds longer before stalling when i let go off throttle. After repeating this hurtful process 2-3 times, eventually she idles without throttle. Then i can depress throttle slowly and its fine, but when i push it all the way down, rpm go down and car stalls. But if i just idle her for at least 2 minutes i can depress throttle fully and rpm goes up this time, however she is in limp mode, doesnt go above 3000rpm and bogs. Shes running rich i think as spark plugs are fouled with carbon. Sometimes CEL disappears randomly (never when warmed up) and she runs perfectly until she fully warms up, then goes again in to limp mode. I tried changing - air filter, spark plugs, spark plug leads, ignition coil, ignition module, distributor cap, pcv valve, fuel filter, catalytic converter, throttle position sensor and lambda sensor (front only, not the one in catalytic converter). I am running out of ideas.. maybe MAP sesnor (vacuum sensor)? There was no difference when i unplugged it when she idled. She also idles unevenly but i don't suspect IAC Valve as there wouldnt be these issues with throttle i think.. Thank you very much in advance.

bad ignition, just buy a brand new aftermarket distributor assembly, done that dozens of times on those. That's it 99 percent of the time if wiring isn't old and the insulation all cracked on t he wiring harness


Will do that, thank you!