Hi Scotty and Community! Any advice would be appreciated if you have the time. For the past two…


Hi Scotty and Community! Any advice would be appreciated if you have the time. For the past two years, I've done so much research it would make your head spin! So I wanted to get some experienced advice. I work from home 3 days a week, but I drive from Grays Harbor County to Everett, WA (6 hour round-trip with traffic) on Mondays and Thursdays. I love my job but I also love living in the rural country-side close to my family. I have a 2007 Toyota Corolla that gets about 29 combined MPG. I do about 35% city driving in stop and go traffic and 65% highway open road. It's a reliable, great car, but the seats are uncomfortable for the long commute and I can't stand the low ground clearance. It's got no flat space for my dog so she gets thrown around in the backseat with her clumsiness. My dog and I like to go hiking in the mountains frequently and it's not really built for that either, so of course 4WD or AWD would be preferable even though I know that complicates the car and weakens reliabiilty. The best I have found is a 2012 Ford Escape Hybrid. Seems like a good deal and that consumer reports find it reliable. When I filled in a car dealer on my predicament, he told me "you have your life and your lifestyle - and your life is the long commute" and recommended I purchase one, cheap 4WD vehicle for my weekend and evening adventures in addition to either keeping the Corolla or buying a Prius to maximize gas mileage on the commute. Thanks Scotty and anyone else who might help!

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Forget a 2012 Ford Escape 8-yr.-old Hybrid. Definitely KEEP the 2007 Corolla. For pooch comfort, get a pre-2015 Toyota RAV4. You'll love it. I love my daily, a 1998 RAV4 manual transmission, made in Japan, built like a rock.